Currently equiped with the following machineries:
  • CO2 Laser cutting Machine (5ft by 10ft)
  • CNC 'V' Cutting Machine (4ft x 20ft)
  • 10ft fully CNC driven Punch Bender and Xpert Bender
  • Shearing and Bending machine (10ft)
  • PVD Titanium Colour Coating Machine
  • No.4 (N4) Polish Machine
  • Hairline (HL) Polish Machine
  • Non-direction (ND) Polish Machine
  • Deburing GeCam Machine (Polishing)
  • Plasma Welding and Cutting Machine
  • MIG/TIG/Spot Welding Machine
  • Punch Hole Machine
  • Lathe Machine
  • Vertical Milling Machine
  • Multi-Purpose Iron Workers
  • CNC Beam Saw Machine
  • Master Cut Band Saw
  • Etching Equipment
  • Sand Blasting Machine
  • Spray Paint Machine
  • Dust Collector
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